Team: Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis of the Pulse

John Dennis
Founder and CEO
"It is exciting to be on the cusp of discovering how the body reacts to different conditions based on pulse wave patterns. Pulse taking has been around for a long time and is still used extensively today. Through deep learning we are able to better observe this phenomena and explain these ancient techniques in more modern mathematical ways".

Masih Nilchian
Chief Technology Officer
"When I am studing the contours of pulse waves I feel like I am listening to the voices of the body. It is exciting to realise that these pulse wave patterns are a means of communicating our bodies' physical state. It is also really awarding to be using so many different disciplines including deep pattern recognition, signal processing and mathematical modeling to realize these goals".

Fanny Jeanneret
Clinical data analyst
"I think helping people apprehend stress in their life could have positive outcomes for our society". Fanny studied Biomedical engineering and Biocomputing at EPFL Lausanne, where she developed a keen interest in machine learning and big data analysis. She refined her talents by working in diverse companies and research centers. Today, she combines her clinical knowledge, her passion for graphs and her analysis skills to work on projects that matter.

Ehsan Mansouri
Data analyst and software developer
"I really enjoy applying my optic engineering and signal processing skills with big data analysis to the collection and analysis of pulse waves". Ehsan graduated with a bachelor degree in physics and bachelor and masters degrees in electrical engineering. His studies were complimented with course work in deep learning at EPFL in Lausanne.