Pulse Wave Analysis Research

Mypulses has been analyzing large amounts of data generated from clinical studies since 2015. The Company has collaborated with several Swiss universities and research organizations. The clinical studies have been focused on sport, sleep and stress.

Through these studies and data analysis, the Company has developed a sophisticated software program for deep pulse wave pattern recognition. Using deep learning techniques, large data bases of pulse waves are analyzed, and groups of pulse wave features are identified for optimal physiological correlation.

Algorithms are formulated through this proprietary methodology. Several articles have been published from the Company’s pulse wave analysis. More publications are anticipated:

Sleep deprivation modulates heart rate variability and photoplethysmography, Frontiers in Neuroscience April 8, 2021
Authors: Bourdillon N, Jeanneret F , Nilchian M , Albertoni P, Ha P, Millet GP

Photoplethysmography Detection of Overreaching, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise November, 2018
Authors: Bourdillon N, Nilchian M and Millet G

Overload Blunts Baroflex only in Overreached Athletes, Journal of Science Medical Sport, January 2018
Authors: Bourdillon N, Yazdani S, Nilchian M, Millet G.

The methodology, technology and results are patented.

Pulse wave analysis

pulse wave analysis