Cloud-Based Platform for Pulse Wave Analysis and Data Collection Products

Mypulses is developing software-based products based on its clinical studies. An app is completed as well as a cloud-based platform for pulse wave analysis.

Mypulses is seeking partners interested in integrating our research results into their own products. Groups of pulse wave features have been identified for several sports indications, sleep staging and stress and fatigue indications. More discoveries are anticipated in 2019/2020.

Mypulses has completed a cloud-based platform for pulse wave analysis. This software analysis platform includes pulse wave acquisition and analysis as well as comprehensive data mining analysis. Previously, it took many months to analyse large data bases of recorded pulse wave features. With this platform, Mypulses is able to identify rapidly the most highly correlated pulse wave features to targeted indications. Interested commercial and research partners are now able with this platform to quickly identify the groups of pulse wave features that best explain changes in physiology due to changes in internal or external body stimuli.

In addition, the Mypulses has developed various means of collecting pulse waves. This includes a smart phone or tablet- based app specifically designed for clinical study. The pulse wave signals are captured from the phone/tablet camera and then processed in the cloud-based platform. Mypulses is also developing a band, which collects unfiltered pulse waves from the wrist. This is the preferred means of pulse wave collection for longer duration or during activity. The band also connects to the cloud-based data management software through bluetooth for pulse wave analysis.

The smart phone apps are available on Android and IOS. However, the apps are sent on request as they are designed for clinical trials and pilot studies. Accordingly, they are not available on the App Store or Google Play.

Pulse wave analysis