Partners for Pulse Wave Analysis

Mypulses has completed a large number of clinical trials with the invaluable assistance of the following organizations: University of Lausanne, CSEM in Neuchatel and the CHUV Hospital in Lausanne and in 2016 the Medical Center for the FIFA organization of Tehran and the University of Tehran. The School of Management and Engineering in Yverdon has developed our prototype. The clinical work has been focused primarily on sport, sleep and mental stress.

Mypulses has recently agreed in principal to a joint PhD research project with King's College. A PhD student from King's College will be supervised by several experts located both at King's College and at Mypulses on a specific research project.

We are grateful for research grants from Innovative Suisse as well as the Canton of Vaud (SPECo).

Additional clinical trials are planned for 2020 along with ongoing testing and validation.

The Company is also pleased to start collaboration with Swiss business schools:

Collaboration with Swiss business schools