My-Vitality makes a presentation to the Vasculitis Ireland Awareness Foundation

Vasculitis Ireland Awareness

Fatigue is a highly prevalent and an increasingly recognized manifestation of Vasculitis. Fatigue is considered one of the most important disease burdens for patients with Vasculitis in its many forms.

Niamh Malone provided personal experiences with dealing with fatigue and suggestions on how best to cope with it.

Which are the top selected health companies?

My-Vitality is selected as one of the top health start ups

Among 150+ strong candidates, Tech Tour selected 40 companies that demonstrated the most promise in two categories: Digital health and Medtech. My-Vitality was selected for the Digital Health category for its Mypulses cloud based platform that uses big data and machine learning for the analysis of of pulse wave forms. The Company's product was presented in November 2020.

MyPulses Leverages the Potential of the Pulse Wave
Interview at Biopôle Digital Hub
John Dennis, CEO of mypulses, discusses the Company's origins. The interview also covers the completed clinical work, the methodologies used and the completed cloud-based platform. This machine learning based program selects the most informative pulse wave features per indication. The biggest challenge facing mypulses is how to best integrate these digital tools into health care systems. The Company will apply to Horizon 2020, the European Framework Program for Research, to help address these issues. In addition, a number of more studies are planned for this Fall. Mypulses really likes being in the newly establish Digital Hub at Biopôle, located in Epalinges near Lausanne.
Pulse Wave Analysis: The Central Nervous System
Pulse Wave Analysis: the Central Nervous System
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pulse reading is not meant to give a direct indication of the level or flow of Qi. Rather, it provides a diagnosis of the quality and level of blood flow. Personal energy or Qi is not a physical phenomenon as sometimes believed in Western interpretation of TCM but is instead a result of the underlining flow of blood. Indications of blood flow from pulse taking is an indirect indication of energy flow. The strength of the pulse as per the blood force, strength and speed felt from the pulse is also an indication of the strength or level of personal energy. Clearly, the better the blood flow, the more the body is being nourished with oxygen, minerals, etc.
An important element in pulse reading - as is the case in the West - is the pulse or heart rate frequency. This white paper also discusses heart rate frequency as well as heart rate variability as an integral part of pulse wave analysis.
Pulse Wave Analysis: East meets West
Pulse Wave Analysis: East meets West
In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), personal levels of energy are diagnosed and considered one of the most important - if not the most important indicator - of health. Indeed, poor energy levels are considered a precursor to potential malady. In TCM, therapy is often based around boosting energy either in a general manner or in specific parts of the body. This white paper explores these factors in the context of modern western medicine. A fresh and objective look at TCM will help us better understand the processes behind personal energy. It will also help dispel some of the more mystic aspects of TCM and allow us to better apply these practices in a pragmatic – useful - manner. Most importantly, it will motivate us to improve upon and better understand pulse wave analysis.
Le Matin Dimanche: The Revolution in Digital Health Takes a Big Step Forward
The Revolution in Digital Health Takes a Big Step Forward
Article discusses the opening of the Digital Health Hub at Biopôle, Lausanne and highlights four Companies including My-Vitality. Pulse reading has been the center of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 4,000 years and today just about anyone can measure heart rate frequency. My-Vitality has developed MyPulses, a means to examine the actual form of the pulse wave. John Dennis, the CEO, explains that this is a way to measure levels of fatigue either in the form of a bracelet or by capturing the pulse wave form by pressing one's finger against the camera lens of either a phone or tablet. MyPulses can help determine correct medical dosages for various treatments based on indicating fatigue levels as a symptom of the ailment. A prototype is completed as well as a platform for pulse wave analysis.