About MyPulses

Mypulses.com is a digital health start-up. The Company is research-based dedicated to applying machine learning to the analysis of pulse waves (see also Team and research partners).

Mypulses develops algorithms for sports, wellness and health by applying big data analysis to pulse waves. Photoplethysmography (PPG), an optical technique that detects changes in blood volume, is used to collect pulse waves signals. More on how we collect pulse waves signals is described in product. PPG is used in many wearables to calculate heart rate frequency (HR), used for measuring physical intensity and general heart condition.

Instead of examining HR, Mypulses analyzes the full range of features generated from the entire pulse wave form. The pulse taken some distance from the heart contains valuable information on the peripheral control of the autonomous nervous system (ANS) including the degree of constriction of the blood vessels. The blood vessels are constantly adjusting in diameter from sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems reactions to external stimuli. Our completed machine learning platform for the analysis of pulse waves is described in product.

Mypulses is innovative in using PPG to identify short term effects of changes in the pulse wave form as a result of the constant balancing or sometimes impaired balancing of the ANS. Measuring short term variations in pulse wave forms provide a wealth of information on how the body adjusts to varying conditions. With machine learning and with technical advances in PPG pulse wave collection, Mypulses has extended pulse wave analysis well beyond indications of cardio vascular health. See pulse wave analysis.

Our progress in applying pulse wave analysis to health, wellness and exercise is up-dated through articles posted and our own publications.

Pulse wave analysis